I've been an actor pretty much all my life. I've been making short films as long as I had access to a recorder. What you'll find here are some of my more recent videos. I'll be making more as time goes on, but I'll also put up some "classics" from my younger years.

Filling In - Madison 48 Hour Film Prject 2012

It's that time of year again. Time for the 48! This year, I was only on writing duty (though I did get to voice a lil' something). Filling In is Firmament's idea of a fantasy, which was the genre we were given.

 For those unfamiliar, the 48 Hour Film Project is an independent film challenge. Crews have exactly 48 hours - not a minute more - to complete an entire film. At 6:30p.m. on Friday, teams draw their genre and are given three required elements, a prop, a line of dialogue, and a character. This year, we had these to work with: Prop - A suitcase Dialogue - "Watch and learn." Character: Tanner or Tammy Greene - Pharmaceutical Rep

This piece came together nicely. Awards will be handed out on Sunday. Fingers crossed. For now, enjoy Filling In.

Tempers flare as duties are left in the balance at the headquarters of mythological operatives.

Misfit Heights Preview

Here is the movie trailer for the zombie puppet musical feature film that I did voice over work on. For info on the flick (premiering and GenCon 2012 in just a few short weeks), visit the IMDB page HERE or visit www.misfitheights.com for info from the filmmakers themselves.


This is a short film made back in March. I'm tired of waiting for it to be "complete" according to Steve. It's what it is, and it's been seen and enjoyed by many, many folks. Firmament Films played a strong role in the post of this film, and a special thanks goes to Chris Moehr and Jamison Stokdyk for color correction and effects and for the amazing(as always) music respectively. This is not like the films I typically write. I wrote this as a filming challenge for director Stephen Abrahim. I gave him three days to plan and only five hours to film. Stephen is a hardcore Tarantino fan, so I wrote him something to appeal to his sensibility. The results aren't exactly what I'd anticipated, but it's a fun piece. It's violent and foul-mouthed. It's rated R, so you've been warned. So, here you go folks, enjoy...