I've been an actor pretty much all my life. I've been making short films as long as I had access to a recorder. What you'll find here are some of my more recent videos. I'll be making more as time goes on, but I'll also put up some "classics" from my younger years.

Dangerous Summers

1/14/11 UPDATE! We were selected for the Beloit International Film Festival! That is, "Dangerous Summers" is an official selection in the shorts section of the festival with TWO showings! How about that, Award-Winning Filmmakers?

7/23/10 This is the film project I worked on for the 48-hour Film Festival in Madison. With Odin Cabal, I wrote up this little adventure.

Our short took four awards home:
Best Sound Design
Best Costuming
Best Editing (Way to go Chad!)
And the Audience Choice Award.
Well done to all involved. Can't wait for next fest.

Glamorous Us

Here's a fun little video featuring Candy and Mikey. We had a photo shoot for fun and I thought it would be cool to put it to music. The song used here is "Can't Get Enough" by Rooney.

Peanut Butter: Proof That Evolution is Fake!

Please be sure to watch it all the way through. I don't want anyone else jumping to conclusions about my feeling on this matter. There are two curse words here, so if you have a sensitivity to such a thing, you've been warned.

Crazy Backwards Funtime

It started way back when with Jason. I should really get the old school videos out, dust 'em off, and put them up for nostalgia's sake.
The title really says it all. It's crazy and backwards, but everything looks crazy sped up and in reverse, and it's a fun time fr all involved. And for the fifth installment of "CBFT", those involved were myself and Candy. Enjoy, and maybe you'll want to do your own soon.

whistle pop

"Stay True"

"Stay True"
performed by T.C. De Witt and Candace Ostler

New Heights

Below, you'll find the first two parts to the web-series "New Heights". The show was conceptualized by Eman. I wrote and directed.


"Robert's life is about to change from the ordinary into the extraordinary."

T.C. De Witt brings you Eman Ortiz's real-world super powered drama. Robert is a regular guy who lives an average life. He gets by with his best friend Tyler by his side. Nothing exciting happens for them, but one day, a package arrives, and things seem to take a turn. For good or bad? Time will tell.

Juan Ramirez-Martinez as Robert
Mike Tubman as Tyler

Created by Emmanuel Ortiz
Written and Directed by T.C. De Witt

PART TWO: Robert has received a mysterious package from his estranged father, and he doesn't know what to do about it. He seeks some advice from his best friend Tyler.