I've been an actor pretty much all my life. I've been making short films as long as I had access to a recorder. What you'll find here are some of my more recent videos. I'll be making more as time goes on, but I'll also put up some "classics" from my younger years.

"Until Death" Winner - 2012 Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project

This year, I participated in the Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project with the production company Flip Eleven Creative. Out short pulled out the win for Best Picture and Best Direction, For those unfamiliar with the 48, we have 48 hours exactly to come up with a script, shoot it, edit it, and hand it in. Not an easy task for some. And the more professional one hopes to make the film, the harder this time frame can be. In addition to the time constraint, there are for requirements that must be met in order to remain in the competition. Each team is given a genre (ours was Horror), a prop (a box), a line of dialogue (Never mind, I'll ask someone else"), and a character (telepathy expert, Daniel Carlson). All the elements are given out at 6pm Friday, and the film must be turned in 6pm Sunday, no exceptions. Though not our regular crew of Firmament Films, myself, Candace, and Chad all participated. Candy and I acted and Chad edited (Flip Eleven being his new place of employ). Despite the ambiguity of this horror flick, our production value is spectacular! We look like pros in this fun short. We had a fun time putting this together, and we look forward to returning to Madison this year to defend Firmament's title. Here is the short below. Enjoy!

Until Death - a 48 Hour Film Project by Flipeleven Creative from Kyle Buckley on Vimeo.

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